Arbor Care – Tree services – Tree Trimming

Arbor Care – Tree services – Tree Trimming

There are many reasons to cut a tree – and we don’t mean cutting it down. We’re talking about tree trimming and pruning selected branches for specific reasons. It may involve the look of the tree, its health, or the safety of the people around it. If you need a tree cutting service, we are experienced technicians who care about trees as much as you do.

When you cut into a tree, you are cutting into a living thing that actually bleeds by producing sap, closes its own wounds and reacts to stress by becoming weak. In the right hands, strategic cuts make it healthier and minimize internal stress. That’s why you should choose your tree company with care.tree trimming

Types of Cuttings

Pruning involves careful removal of branches primarily for health and safety reasons, such as when a diseased branch threatens to snap off in the next big storm. Trimming is primarily done on outside branches for aesthetic reasons, such as removing dead and scraggly limbs.

Our tree cutting service offers several vital services:

Removing diseased limbs and dead branches. These can become loose and turn into missiles in wind storms, putting people and property in harm’s way. Branches can suddenly give way and fall on children playing below. The good news is that limbs can be safely removed without killing the tree itself.
Crowning: Reducing the height and width of the main leafy areas eases the weight on the trunk, and keeps wayward branches from damaging or obstructing property. Raising the ground clearance by cutting low branches ensures clearance for cars and pedestrians.
Shaping. We maintain exterior form and beauty by removing unsightly, low-hanging branches. We correct uneven growth patterns, which are caused by improper cut-backs and also by stress during the sapling stage. Trees, like ornamental plants, can get pot-bound at nurseries, creating awkward growth when they are planted.
Nature’s cut. When upper levels of branches threaten a power line or there are other safety concerns, cutting selected branches in the proper way will solve the problem without harming the tree.
Thinning the interior branches. This involves specific pruning techniques best saved for colder months, when trees go dormant. Thinning the volume of weak limbs close to the trunk and branch stems allows wind to pass through. This will reduce the risk of a blow-over. It also allows sunlight to pass through to lower leaves and grass.

Can Your Tree be Saved?

If your trees are leaning, don’t look healthy, or seem to have outgrown their space, call an experienced tree company. Cutting them down is not always the answer! Those that are basically healthy may just need some strategic trimming to recover.

On Your Side

Our company loves trees as much as you do, and since 1993 our tree cutting service has worked to achieve balance among nature and the needs of homeowners. You can count on us to prune and trim with great care and best industry practices – that is, only taking off as much as we need to. We resort to cutting down trees only when they pose an emergency safety hazard.tree servicesWhen to Cut

As a general rule, trees survive trimming and pruning best during late fall and winter, when they – and their chief pests – are dormant.

Some flowering species should be cut only after the initial bloom.

Maples will drip sap if the tree is not completely dormant when pruned. While there is debate over whether this “bleeding” harms the tree, it is safest to cut them back in mid-winter through spring, and again in late spring and summer.

Dogwoods are susceptible to a type of borer that is active in April and May; pruning and trimming should not be done during that time.

Oaks are vulnerable to oak wilt disease during the warmer months, so they should not be trimmed from April through October.

People become attached to their trees: the shade and beauty add to a home’s character and curb appeal for a lifetime. Selective pruning and trimming by a professional service will keep your yard safe and your trees growing strong. Call our tree service company for a free evaluation.

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