KSFS Management, Fall 2009
Jeff Jacoby, Faculty Advisor:
Emmy award winning producer and artist Jeff Jacoby has directed and performed radio, audio, and video programs since 1975. His recent work is primarily engaged with an ongoing investigation of sound and radio art, both solo and in collaboration with artists working in other mediums. Currently serving on the faculty in the Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts Department at San Francisco State University, Jacoby has also served on the faculty of Quinnipiac University and the Digital Audio Project at Real Art Ways, on the boards of The Media Arts Center in New Haven, CT and The National Radio Project in Oakland, CA, and was a commissioned artist / instructor for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas. Ongoing projects include audio and radio art projects such as The Traveling Radio Show, CitySonics, and The Freedom Fries Art Collective. In addition to his Emmy, Jacoby has been awarded two Ciné Golden Eagles, two Benjamin Franklin awards, two Crystal Radios, the Gold Cindy, and grants from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and San Francisco State University.
Ian Penovich, General Manager
Originally from New York City, Ian’s father was an audio engineer. His intent at first was to stay as far away from his father’s footsteps as possible with a degree in Public Policy, but eventually the bug bit: Ian is currently a Radio/Television major at San Francisco State, General Manager of KSFS Radio, President of the Aural Pleasure Club, and a former intern at SomaFM.
Ryan Covay, Operations Manager
A Senior at SF State in the BECA program, Covay went back to school after a few years in the work force to pursue his dream to be a sports broadcaster. Since he has been back in school, his passion for radio has blossomed. He is currently in his third semester hosting a sports talk show. Last Fall, he co-hosted Sports Knowledge 101. The past two semesters, he has hosted my own show, The Think Tank. He has done all this with his partner, Charles “Big Papa Knockout” Palmore. He loves sports, he loves radio, and he loves KSFS, says Covay: “I hope to get a job as a sports talk show host when I am finished at SF State. Going back and finishing my degree has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, highlighted by my time at KSFS. I pledge to always speak the truth to my listeners, even if the truth hurts.”
Anthony Carty, Program Director
Anthony Carty, better known to KSFS listeners as simply “AC” of “The Cold Box” and “Top Rope Radio” is in his senior year at SFSU, his third semester as an on-air talent, and second semester as a KSFS manager. He is currently program director here at KSFS. He doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach, but rather values what little free time he has. That being said, he is constantly busy as a full time+ student, working two jobs (one in the grocery business, and the other at Radio Alice 97.3), on top of doing his two shows, which he thoroughly enjoys more than anything. Radio is his passion. If for some reason you feel the need to stalk him, follow him on twitter at
Mallory Abelhouzen, Communication Director
Hi! I am Mallory, you can call me Mal. I am from Pasadena, CA and I moved up to San Francisco the summer before my freshman year in 2005. I am graduating senior and I love the BECA department very very much. My focus is in radio and television directing and producing.This will be my third semester in KSFS. I interned with Energy 92.7 FM a year ago and I am currently interning with ABC’s The View From The Bay. After I graduate I hope to work my way up in the television industry and eventually become a full time television director; I also would love to direct music videos. Being an on air radio host is also on my list of things to accomplish. I am extremely passionate about this field and I am looking forward to what my future holds! Now let’s have some fun!!
“Uncle” Marty Masters, Production Manager
Marty has been on staff at SFSU for over ninety dog years as a campus-wide Network Analyst. Before being lured to the coast by his wife Tina, he studied with The Player’s Workshop of Second City, produced an interview talk show for Chicagoland Radio Information Service, worked in community theater productions, ran sound for several bands, and did board operations along with many other duties for the engineering department of Diamond Broadcasting/CBS Radio in Chicago. He has designed and maintains websites, volunteers on the board of directors of MCTV on the coastside, and likes to play his guitars for his big family (11 siblings, and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws, outlaws), his Airedale Sean, their cats, and anyone else who will listen. An avid music collector, he has over 80 feet of vinyl albums, and can usually be found in his studio at home when he is not out walking Sean.
Chance Hill, Technology Manager
The Love Doctor is back with his second season of The Midnight Interlude. The true master of seduction raises serious questions pertaining to romance while music serves the function of his questions. In addition, callers phone in their dedications and messages, while expressing their thoughts on love and life. In the summer of 1985, Chance Lamar Hill, A.K.A. The Love Doctor, was born in Long Beach, CA and raised in South Central Los Angeles. The Doctor began his broadcasting career at Santa Monica College, located in Santa Monica, CA. During his inception, The Love Doctor, formerly known as MC Hill Top and D.J. Ecko, headlined bi-weekly radio shows that topped off nearly 5 hours each! Before the pre-Midnight Interlude days, Doctor Love sharpened his craft by moving his project to KSFS, Radio Free For All. From time to time, The Love Doctor collaborated with some of KSFS’s greatest radio personalities, such as, Mizz Sarah Irene, The Big Poppa Knockout and Melle & Mallie. In addition, Doctor Love was once involved with The Mighty Tree Project, with Keith & Jenna Little, where The Doctor blended Rhythm & Blues and his partners in crime lay down the funky Reggae and Oldies tracks. So, if you love chill, rare, underground, and mainstream soul accompanied by real talk, check out The Midnight Interlude. Thursday nights, from 9 to 11, with The Love Doctor. Only on KSFS, Radio Free For All.
Zach Middleton, Music Director
Zach is a passionate music fan, DJ, producer, remix and mash-up creator. This fall, Zach amps things up on KSFS with The Get Off, heard Wednesday afternoons from 3-5 p.m. The show focuses on the latest and hottest dance music from around the world. In Spring 2009, Zach hosted Eclectic Electric on KSFS, featuring indie electronic music, live calls and current events. Working in the production department at Energy 92.7 FM since February 2009, Zach was responsible for voicing and producing station spots and promos, and ran the department while the production manager was out of town. Under the moniker DJ Zax, he spins at some of San Francisco’s best clubs. Zach has been part of the vibrant San Francisco mash-up scene since 2003. He has created well-known mash-ups and is regularly charted on Club Bootie’s monthly top-10 lists. Many of Zach’s remixes, mash-ups and live mix sets are available at
Jesse Lowenberg, News Director
Jesse has been hard at work in the KSFS news room since the Fall of 2008. While realizing that he has an obligation to the public to inform them of pressing social issues, he chooses to ignore that and instead focuses on the truly frightening stories that fall through the cracks every week. Wether it be an old person acting crazy or an intoxicated individual being blatantly stupid , you can be assured that he is on top of today’s most pressing headlines.
Charles “Big Papa Knock Out” Palmore, Sports Director
Passionate, knowledgeable sports enthusiast, and a true natural communicator, Charles is a Senior BECA major at San Francisco State University. Having spent nearly 20 years in the Pacific Northwest, Charles returned to the Bay Area to pursue an education at one of the finest BECA programs in the country. Mr. Palmore’s goal is to keep the sports department as fresh and dominant as last semester, to upgrade KSFS to a higher level and again to proudly promote SFSU and Gator Athletics. Pappa Knock Out values his commitment to be an ultimate KSFS team player. Go SFSU! Contact Big Pappa Knock Out at Spoke.
Daniel “Anonymous33″ Ancheta, Sales Manager
Daniel is a character that is fond of sound. He slayed many metaphorical dragons and has, on one more than one occasion, served warm porridge to the houseless. Hailing from Sacramento, he was a member of a mobile DJ team that supplied a certain CSU with many memorable good times, laughs, and dances. That gig started in 2003 and lasted untill 2007, when a move to a big city happened…
He came to San Francisco in 2008 to join the the prestigous department we know as BECA. Chaisng the dream in a career in radio, he followed up with an internship at Star 101.3fm and 98.1 Kiss FM. He recieved his first on air job as initially a guest host to close friend and mentor, AC. It was on his show, the Cold Box, he was dubbed “Anonymous 33.” During the fall season of KSFS programming, 33 will branch out on his own and attempt to find the same success he had in other previous jobs.
Mark Calonico, Promotions Manager
Hi! My name is Mark Calonico; I am the Promotions Manager of KSFS. I originally came to SFSU to work with video, however that all changed once I had stepped in for my first class to work for the college radio station. Once I had seen how much fun it was to be involved with KSFS, I decided that I wanted to get involved and help out in anyway I could. When I realized that I had no technology knowledge to bring to the table, I had decided to stick with what I know Promotions (bothering people until you get them to listen). When I am not working at the station, I enjoy many different hobbies. Some of them being watching and playing soccer constantly, and working out. I also enjoy long walks on the beach with a picnic in the sand while enjoying a large bowl of lime Jello.