Fall 2009 Programming
10-Noon: “Oven Fresh” w/ Dallas Osborn
“Oven Fresh” will feature new rock music, unsigned artists, song VS song competitions, and much more.
Noon-1pm: “Rock Talk Radio” w/David Lay
Mixture of new rock with metal tracks, both mainstream and underground.
1-2pm: “Bay Bands Past and Present” w/Dwight Roberts
From the Dead to Green Day to local bar bands now. You may even hear some live in studio music!
2-4pm: “Mondays with Mal and Kristen” w/Mallory Abelhouzen and
Kristen Mueller
Top 40 music with celebrity gossip
4-5pm: “Party Effects Radio” w/Morrie
Continuous mix show with Pauline dark voices and SFX
5-6pm: “Lost Radio” w/Will Bender
Music and talk show where anything goes
6-7pm: “Mudslide Matt” w/Matt Bernot
Once again, your executive commander Mudslide Matt is back cruising on the mothership. Stop by and check out some funky tunes curtesy of your executive commander. Beware of space debris, space pirates, and Mudslide Nate (Matt’s less talented older brother).
7-8:30pm: “33’s and a 45” w/Daniel Ancheta
Interviews with people from around school, to get the school more involved with each other, and to work magic. SHAZZAM!
8:30-10pm: “Hip Hop’s Love Letter” w/Sarah Irene Mendoza
Hip Hop’s Love Letter will be sure to make you remember why you fell in love with hip hop and R&B in the first place. Playing the most chill laid back tracks, hooking you up with hip hop news and upcoming events and introducing you to up and coming bay area and around the nation artists. And you don’t want to miss the flash back track of the week! Basically you will chill from 93 till… well, infinity!
10-11pm: “Super Blap-Master Radio Show” w/Brian Van Gold
Music based show with lots of musically charged themes
9-10am: “The Morning Shoot Around” w/David Saunders
10-11am: “Noise Cast” w/Cal Leingang
A showcase of experimental and avant garde artists
11-Noon: “Everybody’s A DJ” w/Joseph Fuentes
Eclectic music
Noon-1pm: Kody Oppendike
Music show with discussion, interviews, and the occasional live performance.
1-2pm: “Fresh Works Radio” w/Julian Balderas
DJ platform show with news and event updates.
2-3pm: “Jo-Jo Show” w/Jonas Estanislao
Storytelling with music strong between blocks.
3-4pm: Kyle Medina
Sports talk with a little music
4-5pm: John Mylod
5-7pm: “Uncle Marty’s 3D Radioactivity” w/Marty Masters
Music following a different theme each night (dogs, food, blues).
7-9pm: “Man VS (Fill in the Blank)” w/Minnesota Mark and Andrew
Talk about problems that threaten manliness
9-11pm: “Mad Show” w/John Madden and Alex Herter
As unpredictable as possible, as eclecticand esoteric as we can make it musically, ideologically, philosophically, aesthetically as I can get it. Skits, soundscapes, noise, freakouts, talk, yelling, news, sports, polka.
9-11am: “Super Happy Fun Time” w/Carrie Holliday
Frolic into the land of joy, wonder, rainbows, and cupcakes!
11-1pm: The Current w/ Ian Montgomery
Every Wednesday, Ian plays the newest indie rock and electronic music, and discusses the current events of the day.
1-2pm: Jesse Lowenberg
2-3pm: “The Mighty Tree” w/Keith Montanez
A perfect combination of reggae, R&B, and hip hop. We have a sound cup of the year and returning the popular sex talk.
3-5pm: “The Get Off” w/Zack Middleton
djzax brings you the best dance, house, and electronic music
5-8pm: “The Cold Box” w/Anthony Carty, Dennis Beltran, and Natalie Craig
AC, Natalie, and Dennis make up the Cold Box Crew. We are the only morning show that A) is not on during the morning here in the Bay Area, and B) actually airing live in Mumbai during their mornings. We feature segments such as “The Top 10, according to them,” “Nerd Bombing,” “The Hollywood Hooker Report,” and we have giveaways! Bottom line, you should be chilling in The Cold Box with us!
8-10pm: The Think Tank w/Ryan Covay
“The Think Tank” returns for a second semester of in depth sports conversation. I, Ryan Covay deliver educated opinions about the world of sports and the world we live in general. Big Papa Knockout is back as my partner in crime and as always, he is not shy about sharing his opinions. We will feature guest hosts, and special interviews with people of the world of sports and pop-culture. My mission is to make “The Think Tank” the most in depth, informative sports talk show on KSFS. If you have an opinion, give us a call and lets talk about it. I promise to speak the truth, even if the truth hurts!
10-11pm: “Bone Thug Radio Hour” w/Jesse Tavares
A dedication to a legendary hip hop group that loves to smoke and drink.
9-10:30am: “Best Damn Nerd Show” w/Chris Ceglia et al.
A nostalgic and current representation of everything in the nerdosphere, allowing people to freely access their inner nerd.
10:30-11:30: “SF Flyin High” w/Bryn Nguyen
All kinds of crazy ideas
11:30-12:30: Brendan West
12:30-1:30: “Independent Defendant” w/Ryan Gracey
Captain Grizzle will feature lots of local artists and lesser known indepentent artists. The focus will be on one artist each week.
1:30-2pm “Flo Session” w/ Cracka G
Flo’s, freestyles, and battle raps all live and in effect. All Natural, All Real.
2-3pm: “Brutal Honest Truth” w/Gorgeous Greg
The brutal honest truth about sports, life, and everything in between.
3-5pm: “Sports Knowledge” w/Big Poppa Knock Out
Sports talk
5-6pm: “Q-FM” w/Marq with a Q
In the world of radio, only one DJ can bring you an hour’s worth of entertainment without even the smallest semblance of political or social relevance. That show is “Q-FM,” an hour-long free-for-all from the drug-addled mind of KSFS’s favorite unemployed stand-up comedian. Prank calls, mile-a-minute banter, and the genius that is “Boogie Town” — what else can you ask for?
6-8pm: “Corruption” w/J-Gunz
From the clubs to the street. Tune into CORRUPTION every Thursday on KSFS, where I’ll be spinning the best in Electro, Disco House, Indie Dance and Mash-ups. Corruption will include special guest interviews from SF’s rising Dj’s and promoters, and will update you with local upcoming events.So check me out at and tune into Corruption because its a Rave on the Airwaves.
p.s. Every 1st Thursday of the Month, Corruption teams up with Bogus Productions to bring you: “HARDCORE Thursday” – This DJ duo set will play the very best in Hardcore, Metal-core and Punk.
8-9pm: “Crate Diggin w/ The Dirty Vibe Raider” w/Richard Byrd
Genre blending music from several decades meant to get you movin’.
9-11pm: “The Midnight Interlude/KSFS After Hours” w/The Love Doctor
Bold, sexy, and cold cut R&B. This is grown folk music.
9-10am: Tess Moore
Politics from an independent’s perspective. News/Talk about anything.
10-11am: Amanda Langdell
Punk, surf, raggae, psychobilly, and so much more!
11-1pm: “All The Above Show” w/Jordan Brown
Playing all influences of hip hop including jazz, rock, blues, soul, ect.
3-4pm: Kyle Medina
Sports talk with a little music
4-5pm: “The Backwards Chair” w/Anny Glover and Alex Herter
Annie and The Prez will rap about topical information while playing occasional music and fielding calls from time to time and interview notable CA representatives.
5-6pm: “Tree Top Fridays” w/Mark Abella and Sean Silk
Telling stories, from the top of the tree to the sap on the bottom.
6-7pm: “Top Rope Radio” w/Jesse Tavares and Anthony Carty
KSFS’s first ever show dedicated to pro wrestling. We look to bring the Bay Area wrestling scene to the top once again. We will feature many wrestlers from the Bay Area scene. Our main attention will focus on the promotions here in the Bay (APW, Fog City) but we will also give our opinions on WWE and TNA programming as well. Tune in every week as we deliver elbow drops off the top rope to your ear drums. If you’re not down with that then we’ve got two words for you!
7-8pm: “Crate Diggin w/ The Dirty Vibe Raider” w/Richard Byrd
Genre blending music from several decades meant to get you movin’.
8-9pm: “All Tribes Radio” w/Armand Bauduin and Mandeep Sethi
The preservation and elevation of hip hop culture. Peace, love, and unity plus having fun.
9-10pm: “Kool Guy Radio” w/Ease
Kool Guy Radio is geared towards independent music and top 40 for all people interested in exposure.
10-11pm: “Halfway House Radio Show” w/Joamel Gaviola
1/2 Rap 1/2 R&B and love.
9-11am: “Just Enough For the City” w/Travis McKinnon
A smooth mix of hip hop, soul, and R&B that focuses on independent artists and musicians.
11-1pm: “Tina Talks”
Tina Talks is about capturing great conversations and sharing them on a larger scale. Each week, Tina and a guest host will discuss everything—from what happened last night to what happened in the news. It will be serious at times, funny most of the time (hopefully), and thought-provoking all of the time. Nothing is safe from the conversation. Visit for more info.
2-3pm: Jon Becker
3-5pm: “And You Don’t Stop Radio” w/Kyle Celestino and Pecola Taggart
Playing all the best n underground hip hop and R&B
11-1pm: “Conexion SF” w/Izaias Garcia
Your connection to Latin music of the past, present, and maybe the future.
1-3pm: “Special Sundays” w/Tiffany Lintner
All about hip hop, local events, local artists, and making you feel special.
3-4pm: “The Comedy Hour w/Handsome Mike” w/Michael Krems
A comedy show that involves stand up, skits, and music.
4-5pm: “Rock n’ Talk with The Danimal & Eebz” w/Daniel Wilson and Jon Bates
A fun show talking about random stuff, being funny, and playing great music.