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Hey everyone!

In addition to being an awesome experiment in freeform college radio, KSFS is above all a learning lab for students from all over the University. Our students learn to conceptualize, plan, produce, and perform live content for a global audience. Moreover, they do it week after week. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer students are being given this opportunity. As you might be aware, funding for public education in California is drying up fast. As a unit of the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts department here at San Francisco State, we’re no exception. We’ve been a bit better off than other departments and organizations on campus, but not by much. One of our class sections (50% of the program) has already been cut. One of our lecturers (among many in the overall BECA department) has been laid off. Our remaining professor faces furlough (forced unpaid time off) and our facilities face mandatory closures. Worse yet, the situation is only projected to grow more dire.

So how can you help? It’s easy:
Or, your business can consider underwriting! We have many packages available to suit any business from Mom-and-Pop to Fortune 500. Your sponsorship message will reach a diverse audience here in San Francisco and beyond. There may even be tax advantages, so contact us today at [email protected] to learn more!

Whether you can give or not, we love to hear from our listeners, so please send us an email at [email protected] to let us know how we’re doing!

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Introducing: Steve, the Robot DJ


Here at KSFS, we have a huge handicap. We can only be on the air tubez when the building is open. Currently, that’s from 9AM to 11PM weekdays and 9AM to 5PM on weekends. That means that during all other times, you hear our automation computer. Recently, during an upgrade, our automated DJ came to life. His name is Steve. Right off the bat, he started playing some of the best new music I’ve ever heard. He’s even started throwing in a few classics! You can hear for yourself right here on weeknights from 11p to 9a. He’d love to try out his newfound sentience by getting some listener feedback, so go ahead and leave a comment!

All hail our robot DJ overlord.

Ian, KSFS General Manager